Gravel Bike Rent - München

Gravel Bike Rental Prices

1 day 49€

2 days 69€

1 week 198 €

Each additional day 29€

Weekend 79€ (from Friday afternoon to Monday morning) 

Sorry we are not open on Saturdays and Sundays


You can also rent a helmet, luggage rack and luggage bags from us, depending on availability.


Please bring your ID and 100€ deposit in cash.



 0049(0)89 20 20 94 35


Bikecampus Amalienstraße 47


Maxvorstadt - Schwabing 80799 München


We have gravel bikes in all sizes for riders from 155 to 200 cm.


Size S      für 155 bis 165 cm

Size M      für 165 bis 178 cm

Size L       für 178 bis 185 cm

Size XL     für 185 bis 190 cm

Size XXL   für 190 bis 200 cm

Our gravel bikes are from the American company Salsa and the German company Serious. They have an aluminum frame and a comfortable geometry. These bikes are for traveling, not racing. With a gear range of 500%, you can climb almost any mountain and drive down safely with the disc brakes.


You are welcome to pick up your gravel bike the evening before the tour or bring your bike back after the tour the next morning. Please make an appointment with us as we do not have fixed opening hours.


What is a gravel bike?

Gravel bike - you don't even know what it is yet, very good. A gravel bike looks as if a racing bike and a mountain bike had a child - racing bike handlebars, sturdy frame and thick tires. A gravel bike feels comfortable on any surface. Depending on the tire choice, it rolls great on asphalt, it loves gravel and when it goes over hill and dale, it can handle it without a complaint. And with the racing bike handlebars (dropbar) you can adopt different grip positions, from beautifully upright to extra aerodynamic. As a rule, gravel bikes have good, controllable, powerful disc brakes and you can attach many practical bags to the frame and take them on your journey (bikepacking). As you can see, a bike for all occasions, a gravel bike should actually be called an adventure bike.

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